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Managing payroll process internally not only overloads an organization with additional work but could also distract overall focus on its core business and strategy building around it. In addition, it can make an organization prone to be non-compliant, leading to statutory issues and errors.

We, at Lazzaro HR, offer flexible and customized end-to-end payroll management services to organizations across Industries and cater to companies of all sizes. We provide error-free calculations of employees’ remuneration, employee benefits management, time tracking, leave management and payroll processing, while ensuring our clients are compliant with all statutory laws and regulations.

Why is it a great idea to have us as your Payroll Management partner:


  • Save on time and cost

  • Avoid penalties

  • Data Security

  • Compliant with Statutory laws and regulations

  • Payroll accuracy

  • Ease of Employee Life-Cycle management from hiring till exit

  • Reduced IT Infrastructure Investment


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