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In today’s era where we have easy access to advanced communication and IT technology, more and more companies are exploring options beyond the traditional in-house permanent human resource hiring. At times, organizations witness sudden spike or decline in their talent acquisition needs. As a result, they find themselves in a quandary more than often, to either go the traditional way to hire a permanent Human Resource employee (when hiring spikes) or be in an uneasy situation to let them go (when hiring declines).


To overcome this, we at Lazzaro HR have Onshore and Offshore HR staff augmentation solutions to augment the capacity of your organization. We offer highly seasoned HR experts to manage your HR functions. We provide services on short and long-term basis, depending on your need.


Why is it a great idea to have an onshore or an offshore Human Resource Staff from us:


  • 100% dedicated and exclusive HR staff access like your regular employee for high control

  • Highly cost efficient, as you only pay a fee and we take care of arranging everything including organizational and administrative expenditures like office infrastructure, workstations and all other facilities and compliance

  • Your staff is already overloaded with work and you need more hands at floor for some time

  • Though temporary, it is an efficient solution to overcome challenges like sudden void in team due to unforeseen illness, sabbatical, resignation, long leave leading to extended period of absence.

  • Helps organizations meet project timelines


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